How To: Paint your pet's portrait without an art background

Paint your pet's portrait without an art background

Dog trainer Emily Larlham from Dogmantics teaches how to paint your pet's portrait without having a background in art. Colors used in this tutorial include Titanium White, French Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna (a brown), Burnt Umber (a dark brown), Alizeran Crimson (a red), Cadmium Yellow, and Cadmium Orange. Other colors that are a good beginners palate include Cadmium Red and Yellow Ochre.

Tips from Emily Larlham:
If you find that the graphite has dirtied your picture, simply wash it off with soap and water.

If you let the painting dry between layers, or if you blow dry your painting between layers, you will be able to erase any mistakes you make on the top layer with a little warm water and a sponge.

Change your water constantly so that it is clear. If you mix colors with muddy water you will get a muddy painting

For fine lines and edges make sure to add a little water for a smoother easier to paint line.

Dole out the money for the smallest brush sizes, as buying a cheap small sized brush will just cause you heart ache and frustration.

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