How To: Paint in a Norwegian folk style called "rosemaling"

Paint in a Norwegian folk style called "rosemaling"

In this video, Linnea Rose teaches us how to paint in a Norwegian folk style called "rosemaling". With this, you will double load your brush and do the strokes in the correct way. To double load your brush, first dip one corner into a color, then dip another color into the other color. After this, stroke again in between the two colors. Next, go to your canvas and simply stroke a looped shake on the paper. Firmly press down with your brush and as your curve around you lift it up to the chisel edge. Practice doing this and then you will soon be able to do rosemaling. First, take a comma stroke and then take another facing the first. Then, re-load your brush and make your scrolls thicker. Continue to do these strokes one under another and then you're finished!

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