How To: Paint Bodhidharma with Sumi-e ink

Paint Bodhidharma with Sumi-e ink

This video painting tutorial shows how to paint Bodhidharma in Sumi-e ink. The Sumi-e ink painting process is a traditional Japanese painting technique from the Niigata prefecture, demonstrated here with a stone ink well. This particular style of painting complements this Buddhist drawing. Learn how to paint Bodhidharma by watching this instructional video.

Here are some tips from the artist instructor:

1. The front neckband is the key to draw the tradional Asian Buddhist figure wearing kimono style clothes. I made the hard line first which was inspired by the Hakuin's line and Sesshu's cave rock line.

2. First use light black (more water than usual) on the eyebrow, then before letting dry fully, add more black strokes so you can get some depth and profound expression.

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