How To: Paint a guitar body using spray paint

Paint a guitar body using spray paint

In this video Teddy Zane shows you how to paint a guitar with spray paint. It begins by painting the whole guitar with one color of flat paint, and then creating a panel where you want the picture, out of tape. Next lay your picture on top of the tape and use a scalpel or razor to cut out the design as a template carefully ensuring you do not cut the guitar, only the image and the tape. Once the entire image is cut, pull off the tape to expose the guitar beneath. Cover the rest of the guitar so you don't paint it all, only the tape area. Leave the paint to dry for at least an hour before peeling the tape off. To add tiger stripes, put tape over the guitar ensuring your artwork is covered, spray again with the chosen flat paint, leave to dry and remove the tape carefully. Once complete can add a coat of shine.

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