How To: Set up an artist's studio

Set up an artist's studio

Renting is only half the battle – setting up an artist's studio demands patience and preparation. Learn how to set up an artist's studio with this how to video.

You Will Need
* Fans for ventilation
* Art supplies
* A stool
* A desk
* Lights
* A portable stereo
* White paint
* Brushes

Step 1: Set up fans for ventilation
Set up fans in doorways and windows to ventilate your studio, pumping clean air in and blowing dust and fumes out.

Step 2: Make a work space
Pick an area in the studio to work, ideally someplace well-lit. Defining a workspace will help keep your private and professional lives separate.

Step 3: Set up lights
Set up additional lights around the studio to make sure that your workspace will always have consistent and controllable lighting conditions.
*Tip: If you're a painter, avoid setting up your workspace near a window, as changing light throughout the day can affect the appearance of colors and shades.

Step 4: Paint the walls white
Paint the walls white. Not only will the color make the space look open and clean for viewing art, but white has a soothing emotional effect.

Step 5: Organize your materials
Organize your materials and keep them that way. Obviously a painter and a sculptor will have different tools and resources, but the appeal and accessibility of a neat studio is universal.
*Tip: Keep backup supplies of popular items. This way you won't have to interrupt your creative mood if you run out of spray paint or misplace your welding goggles.

Step 6: Plug in your stereo
Plug in your stereo. Even if you typically work in silence, background music can be a good way to clear your mind, cover other noise, or get over a creative block.

*Fact: Salvador Dalí made more than 1,500 paintings in his career.

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