How To: Build a simple float frame for your painting

Build a simple float frame for your painting

Building a frame for your paintings can save you money and provide one more creation of which to be proud. Normally recommended for abstract paintings, basic float frames offer a professional feel to your art. This video demonstrates how to build a very simple float frame, which compliments a modern, contemporary, abstract painting rather nicely.
The first step is to measure your painting, remember add a 1/8" to 1/4" of extra space to each piece of wood to leave room for error. (this is important!) then mark the side of the wood that will be facing inwards (the side touching the painting) in the finished frame.

Glue and clamp 2 pieces of wood together to form "L wood"-L wood is the secret to a good float frame.
once you have your 4 pieces of L wood, glue 'em together and you are the proud owner of a brand new frame! all that's left is paint and varnish.

Stain the wood with a watered down artists acrylic (do not use wood stain! it is oil based and will mess things up). Then, paint the frame with several coats of paint. The stain will hide any minor damage to the frame that may come up in transportation/storage.
Apply at least 3 coats of varathane, sanding lightly between each coat with light sandpaper or steel wool.

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I liked the ending. Wasn't expecting it. Nice twist.

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