How To: Paint a quick watercolor

Paint a quick watercolor

This is a video about how to create a simple water color painting. First we have to select the seen that we are going to paint on the paper. Next give a rough sketch on the paper about the scene that you have imagine or select to paint with a pencil. Next take the water proof marker give the outlines to that paint. Then you have to give two washes to your paint. First one is warm wash. For that you have to take yellow, orange, and red colors. First wet the paper with the water. Next splash on yellow color throughout the paper. Next take the red color and spread it down on the paper oddly. Move the paper around in all directions. Next take the paper napkin and take out the excess color from the paint. Next let dry the paint. Next go for detailing your paint with the other colors like green for the plants and blue for the sky. Then your water color paint is ready.

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