How To: Transfer a painting done on rice paper to silicone

Transfer a painting done on rice paper to silicone

This video shows you how to dry-mount a painting done on rice paper with silicone release paper. This method is to transfer the silicon adhesive film to the backing material first, then take the release paper off and mount the painting on. Artist, Henry Li gives you everything you need to know to properly mount your beautiful painting on the silicone to transfer as you please.
Here are the steps:
1. Cut the Silicone Release Paper to the same size as the backing board or a little bit smaller (about 1/4" - 1/8") than the board. (No need to measure!)
2. Place the silicone release paper filme side facing down, or mounting board, foam board etc.
3. Iron it at 180 degree fahrenheit and let it cool a little bit.
4. Peel the release paper off and save it for use in step 6.
5. If necessary, trim the extra adhesive film along the board edge with a glue gun, knife or scissors.
6. Lay the artwork face up on the adhesive film and cover it with the release paper from step
7. Now it's ready to iron it on.

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