How To: Oil paint metal objects with Hall Groat

Oil paint metal objects with Hall Groat

In this Painting Metallic Surfaces Hall video tutorial, learn how to paint metal objects with oil paint. This is a good tutorial to learn how to paint metal surfaces so that it looks like real metal. The examples used in this video is the painting of a pocket watch, ornament, teapot, martini glass, and more. To begin, evaluate the colors of the metal object you are painting. Make sure to pick up colors that are reflected and also make sure to pick up images that appear in the reflection of an object. Another trick to capture an object is to study how light reflects off of images and then look at what colors are actually represented in an object. Also, look carefully at the dark and light values that are presented in every aspect of an object. Understanding these shades will capture an object realistically in a painting. To expand further on this, evaluate what the warm and cool colors are in an object. Learn the tips to oil painting of metal objects in this video tutorial.

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